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The Square and the Triangle is your Most Valuable Tool for effective leadership.  Make leadership simple, effective, and fun.

Tales From The Square And The Triangle

"What is Leadership?"

We're all leaders, in all walks of life, not just business.  The Square and The Triangle can help you whenever and where ever you lead.

Pocatello, ID - "Elevate Leadership Summit", May 2018

What They're Saying!

"We appreciate his breadth of knowledge in the field of leadership and human resources.  We have utilized his talents in many ways...Mark has insight and impressive relationships skills.  You will not go wrong in using him to improve your workplace culture."   

Maryann Reese, President and CEO, Saint Francis Healthcare System

"Mark has an amazing talent for connecting with people and they can identify with the concepts of 'The Square and the Triangle'.  Our Executives and Supervisory staff thoroughly enjoyed Mark's presentations."

Becky Nelson, SVP/Human Resources Director, First Federal Bank


"I want you to know your presentation to the SHRM group was just excellent.  I appreciated and believe fully in your model."

Judy Heatwole, Wellbeing & Development Coordinator, College of Southern Idaho

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Past Conferences

May 2017 All Business Conference (Twin Falls, ID)

September 2017 Idaho Society for Respiratory Care (Boise, ID)

October 2017 SBDC/The Square and the Triangle (Twin Falls, ID)

October 2017 Snake River SHRM Annual Conference (Twin Falls, ID)

March 2018 Leadercast (Twin Falls, ID)

April 2018 All Business Conference (Twin Falls, ID)

April 2018 Snake River SHRM Monthly Meeting (Twin Falls, ID)

May 2018 Southeast Idaho SHRM Business Conference (Idaho Falls, ID)

May 2018 Elevate Leadership Summit (Pocatello, ID)

July 2018 Idaho Healthcare Association (Boise, ID)

August 2018 Healthcare Finance Management Association, Idaho Chapter (McCall, ID)

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September 22, 2018, Idaho State SHRM Employment Law Conference (Boise, ID)

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Imagine if leadership was simple...

Be an incredible leader...

We want you to be a better leader.  Let us help you assess yourself, develop winning developmental strategies, and succeed like never before.  The Square and the Triangle is your go-to solution for improving relationships and driving results. Leadership made simple.

How we help...

My name is Mark Stevens, SHRM-SCP, and I'm the creator of the Square and the Triangle concept.  My goal is to create better company culture and to eliminate the barriers that leave leaders frustrated and discouraged.  With our many years of experience, we'll help you learn and laugh and become the leader you want to be.

Be a model company...

From Healthcare and Banking to Agriculture and Manufacturing and anywhere in between...Let us show you how great leadership and superior human resources management can create excellence in company culture.  Lead a company you and others are proud of.  Lead a company others want to be a part of.

How we can help you -and read the book

Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Public Speaking

The Square and the Triangle are the keys to developing yourself and your leaders more easily and more sustainably.  Let us share them with you in person.  Our coaching and public speaking will have you learning, laughing, and loving to lead.  Available in both one-on-one and group settings.  Help yourself, help your team, and enjoy your new success.

Award-winning "The Square and the Triangle" available in Print, E-book, and Audio

"The Square and the Triangle; The Power of Integrating Relationships and Results in Workplace Culture" -  your new source for leadership success  - is available now.  Contact us for discounted bulk purchases.  You can also find it on Amazon in your choice of hardcover and e-book.  Or listen to the audiobook, read by the author, on Amazon or Audible.com. Audiobook listeners - contact us to get a copy  of the art in the book to supplement your audiobook.

Energize and Engage Your People

Your customers rely on you.  You rely on your people.  An energized and engaged team ensures your customers will be delighted, which in turn helps you, your team, and your organization thrive.  Come learn how to drive greater service, build higher performance, and enjoy a relationship with your team you may not have thought was possible.

Leadership and Management Training

Got a new supervisor?  Maybe you want a refresher.  Our training will provide you and your leaders the skills you need to hire, coach, and inspire your teams!  Need help with the occasional lackluster performer?  Got you covered!  You'll be your best when you manage at your best!

#Metoo - Anti-Harassment Training and Special Investigations

An unhealthy culture can lead to some unhealthy behavior.  Or maybe you have an isolated case of harassment.  We can provide training for your leadership and employees to create a positive environment.  We can also lead private investigations to help resolve workplace issues.

Policies, Handbooks,Tools, and More!

We can tailor nearly any solution you're looking for to support your HR needs, from employee handbooks, recruiting and performance management tools, to policy and consultative support.  You're only a call or an email away!


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We want you to love being a leader. Let us show you how through coaching, training, and customized HR solutions!  Let the Square and the Triangle take your leadership to the next level!

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